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Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Server (Terminal Server)

Our fully managed Windows remote desktop hosting solutions are in a virtual dedicated "Cloud Hosted Environment" that offers clients a secure, managed, and maintained IT Infrastructure. Our virtual desktop hosting allows you and your colleagues to simultaneously work in a high-speed network environment without ever having to take on the cost of purchasing or maintaining servers, expensive networking equipment, software licensing and backup systems.

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When using terminal services on the server then all the activities on the networks and all the developments and managements issues related to network are handled by the central computer or server. Once Terminal Services are applied to system, all the clients can connect on the network local area network conne

  • Rapid, Centralized Deployment: Terminal Services can resourcefully install Office 2003 to computing devices across an entire network. When you run Office 2003 on a terminal service, you are sure that information workers are also running the most recent version of the same application.ction, remote dial-up connection or through wide area network connection. Clients can be Windows or non-Window based, terminal services supports all the operating systems. Terminal Services provides three advantages that are:
  • Low-Bandwidth Access to Data: Terminal services reduce the amount of network Bandwidth that is required to access data from. the remote computer-Data only in the form of screen views are transmitted. Over this bandwidth-constrained it is very successful combination for remotely manipulating large amounts of data.
  • Microsoft Office Anytime, Anywhere: Terminal Services environment helps workers to achieve higher productivity by aflowing access to their applications on any platform, and computers running Windows or non-windows operation system.


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